The audience is listening… for their own heartbeat

For me, the bottom line is we just need to learn how to be better story-tellers, and one of the best example we have to draw on are the parables of Jesus. He captivated crowds by using real-life, human situations, emotions and dilemmas his audience could all relate to in order to communicate eternal truths.

What the heck is BRIANBIRD.NET?

I offer all these professional and personal credentials not out of hubris, but to show you that even an average schmuck like me can rise out of obscurity and actually find success in one of the most competitive businesses in the world. And live to talk about it.

God was a writer… now you be a writer

One big reason why I’m so passionate about people of faith taking a bigger role in the arts comes from a personal epiphany (“theophany”?) I had late one night in 2001.

The state of TV, according to Homer Simpson

I have made much of my living from television over the last 25 years. I was a staff writer-producer on three different network series, over ten different network seasons, and I have written scripts for six different shows, three dramas, three comedies. I’ve drawn a paycheck on something like 250 episodes. So don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying the bite the hand that has fed me — and my five ravenous kids — for so many years.

Copying the masters…

I’m often asked by new writers how I learned how to write for film and television. I first learned how to write in journalism school, and then as a working journalist for 10 years or so before I morphed into writing for film and TV. So for me one of the big answers to the question is I learned how write scripts from READING OTHER PEOPLE’S SCRIPTS. Especially produced scripts.