Jamaa… stills from our Ugandan film-making adventure

Coming soon to a church near you… Jamaa… a film we’ve made for the Christian relief organization, World Vision.

In many ways, the experience of making Jamaa was as much of a journey of faith as it was a filmmaking venture.  It is both the smallest… and biggest… film we’ve ever made.  In coming posts, I’m going to explain why I can say that, along with retracing our Believe Pictures partnership with World Vision, dissecting the incredible journey of trying to make a narrative film with theatrical- level production value in a third world country, and sharing with you the significance of the film’s title, Jamaa.

I’ll also explain its purpose and the vision behind it, along with the paradigm-busting way World Vision is going to distribute it… with the ultimate bottom line (a.k.a. box office) resulting not in tickets sold, but in the lives of children across the world being transformed.

Behind-the-scenes production stills will also be forthcoming in future posts.

But for now, please enjoy this gallery of production stills.  I can’t wait for you to see the whole film.

[cincopa 10742140]

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  1. interesting pictures – keep them coming along with more on the film.

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