2010 Crystal Heart Award Winner… Jamaa

From the now-it-can-be-told department:

Thursday, in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Heartland Film Festival announced its 2010 line-up of award-winning films.

My partner Michael Landon, Jr., and I are grateful to be among the 7 winners of the Crystal Heart Award in the dramatic short films category for our latest screen adventure, Jamaa, which we made together under our Believe Pictures banner on behalf of the respected relief organization, World Vision. I wrote, Michael directed and we produced together.

Shot entirely on location in the nation of Uganda in May, Jamaa is a dramatic retelling of the true story of two AIDS orphans who must journey from the slums of Kampala across Uganda to find a new home in the rural north — pushing a mysterious cargo in a box made of scraps.

We’re deeply honored by the award and will be in Indianapolis on October 14 to participate in the event.

There will be more news forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead about this very special little film which we created for World Vision as our “loaves and fishes” to assist children around the world.

And now, here for the first time, is our trailer for Jamaa.  Please let me know what you think.

[cincopa 10769100]

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  1. Sandra Wojahn

    I want to see this when it comes out. We went to Kenya this summer with Hamers and are committed to orphan care. Sandy Wpjahn

  2. Hope you’ll be able to see it. World Vision will be rolling it out in churches in early 2011, but there will be also be numerous showings through the end of the year. Maybe Overlake will want to show it.

  3. Cassie

    Hi Brian, I sat next to you on the plane to Uganda back in May and you were telling me all about this film. It looks great and can’t wait to see it. The little girl that you used in the film was a student at the school that I was working at. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Uganda.

  4. Nice to hear from you. I remember our conversation. And glad we got to meet and cast little Rachel as our “Margaret.” She did a great job for us.

  5. Could this have been, or is it being, cut for any kind of theatrical or mainstream festival exposure? Would be nice for you and WV. Nothing like a physical goal for the audience to root for… the box on the road.

  6. We had it at the Heartland Film Festival and won a Crystal Heart Award. The distribution plan is this: churches across America during the next few years. World Vision will be showing it as part of an “experiential” church service that congregations will be hosting. The big launch is at the National Outreach Convention this Friday, Nov. 5, in San Diego. The program will be available from World Vision to churches in early 2011. Check it out at

  7. Craig Galbraith

    Hi Brian

    Congratulations! The production values look amazing. What was the budget. The cinematography looks great. What was it shot on?

    Apart from church screening is there a general distribution deal for Jamaal?

    I’d be interested in the details as I am working on a similar story of a abducted village boy who is assimiliated as a boy soldier but escapes and walks from Congo to South Africa where he finds his faith.

    Craig Gabraith

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