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  1. Ricky Anthony Freeman

    Good Day to you Brian!
    I was referred to you by Robert Taylor, a connect I have @ LinkedIn.
    He suggested I view your site and it is great! I am a screenwriter
    currently shopping scripts on both coasts. The Delivery Guy is one
    of my faith-based scripts that I am currently shopping feverishly.
    Here’s a logline : A former C.P.A. turned appliance delivery driver
    is called to preach the Gospel. For more information and a treatment
    you can contact me at
    Thank you for your time.
    Ricky Anthony Freeman

  2. Thanks, Ricky. That sounds interesting. I’m not sure that’s the kind of project we are looking for, but thanks for asking, and I wish you well with the script.

  3. Trinity is where Highway to Heaven meets Kiefer Sutherland 24 with a little Touch By Angel…

  4. A character rich story hoping to gain momentum to bring it to the screen:

    (Time of Temptation)

    An original feature Screenplay
    David Orange & Kurt Teske

    A young Old Order Amish beauty and a brash forbidden Outsider neighbor have a secret affair while the clan’s bishop purses to marry her.

    Can love overcome a radical clash of cultures: the cloistered Christianity of the Old Order Amish versus modern American materialism; the love of knowledge and its risks versus the safety and comfort of tradition; or the allure of celebrity and money versus duty to family and to God? At the heart of Rumspringa, Time of Temptation lays one of the most unusual love triangles in the movies:

    • ERIC STODDARD, a brash country kid with the hottest pitching arm in college baseball is labeled a “can’t miss” future Major League star. When he returns to his father’s Pennsylvania farm to help out, a chance meeting in a secluded orchard with his “different” neighbor tears into his heart like a buzz saw.

    • SARAH STOLTZ, a beautiful young woman whose natural gifts of intelligence and healing seem thrown to the winds because she was born into the Old Order Amish and must fight for every grain of knowledge she feels compelled to learn. Her sect, following strict Biblical gender roles, offers a rock-solid foundation of family love, ordered living, and a deep spiritual life. Yet this foundation supports a deadly prison for this high-spirited girl who falls for forbidden outsider Eric.

    • JONAH ESCH, the strongest, most fervent and traditional young man in the Old Order, gifted with a Babe Ruthian ability to swing a baseball bat, becomes the leader of his people and then makes a radical break with everything he’s believed in order to save them from obliteration. The intense, unusual, competitive and passionate relations among these three form the core of Rumspringa.

    Major obstacles face Eric’s and Sarah’s love and none more than when he, sensing losing her, gets into a brawl that lands him in jail for manslaughter. Will Sarah wait for Eric’s release, or will she obey the Old Order and marry Jonah? Will Eric find the strength and insight to change his life with Sarah, or is his infatuation with her a dead end and career mistake? Will Sarah ever become the person she knows she was meant to be? Can she help end the awful plague of genetic childhood disease caused by the inevitable inbreeding within a small Amish community “fenced off to the world.” Who really wins when a great pitcher collides with a born slugger in one of the greatest duels in baseball history? Will Jonah learn the true value of his tradition, and the value of “A Time of Temptation”?

    Rumspringa brings a slice of American life as unique and contemporary as tomorrow’s headlines yet as timeless as the great questions of faith, belief, success, fate and disappointment. A heartbreaking and inspiring story not easily categorized but unforgettable and vast in scope, Rumspringa offers the mind and heart a sometimes tragic, sometimes comic epic that will leave audiences talking for years to come.

    WGA East registered 2013 #1238502

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