Gametime… some shameless self-promotion

Today’s post is some shameless self-promotion about my latest film endeavor, Gametime: Tackling the Past, airing Saturday, September 3, at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning premiering April 16

I’ve been writing for a living, cooking up three new projects I’m very excited about and… oh yes… finishing this movie called The Shunning which premieres Saturday, April 16, 8 Central/9 Pacific, on the Hallmark Channel.

Abe Lincoln: Vampire Slayer?

The Hollywood Blacklist of hottest, most-talked about, unproduced screenplays has been published for 2010. Compiled by Universal Development Director Franklin Leonard, the list is a survey of more than 300 studio creative executives of the best, most provocative screenplays to cross their desks.

The Moral Premise Workshop, Nov. 6

I’m breaking my rule and recommending my friend Dr. Stan Williams’ Moral Premise Workshop, coming to Southern California on November 6.

2010 Crystal Heart Award Winner… Jamaa

Shot entirely on location in the nation of Uganda in May, Jamaa is a dramatic retelling of the true story of two AIDS orphans who must journey from the slums of Kampala across Uganda to find a new home in the rural north — pushing a mysterious cargo in a box made of scraps.