Here’s How You Break Into Hollywood…

Every once in a blue moon, an original short film explodes onto the scene with such creative ferocity that their young creators have their tickets immediately punched into the Hollywood big leagues.

Faith and Film: An Oxymoron?

Found a great interview online between Adam Holz and my friend Barbara Nicolosi, talented screenwriter and founder and former executive director of the Act One Program: Writing for Hollywood — on whose faculty I have served for more than a decade. I have strong feelings about this topic, as you may have gathered from previous posts. But I could not have answered these questions any better than Barbara — so I repurpose it here for your benefit.

Not Easily Broken… your backstage pass

I don’t know about any other working film or TV writers, but there have never been any writer groupies waiting outside the soundstage for me. Honestly, I’m okay with that, for three reasons. First, I look like Larry Bird’s ugly older brother, so I know it would never happen. Second, even if in some strange alternate universe, it ever did happen, I would have no idea where to go with the opportunity. And third, I’ve been happily wed to my wife for 29 years, and I totally married out of my league, so I’m not looking to mess that up.

In remembrance of a young filmmaker

This is a post that I shared with the Facebook Universe back on July 15 of 2009, before I had this forum available to me. I repurpose it here mostly as a reminder to myself of an important life lesson. I hope it hits the spot emotionally for you, as well.