2010 Crystal Heart Award Winner… Jamaa

Shot entirely on location in the nation of Uganda in May, Jamaa is a dramatic retelling of the true story of two AIDS orphans who must journey from the slums of Kampala across Uganda to find a new home in the rural north — pushing a mysterious cargo in a box made of scraps.

Coming to theaters Friday, September 24…

For any adoptive family or for anybody who knows somebody who has adopted a child, this is a “Solomon-like” movie not to be missed and it will leave you thinking for days.

Jamaa… stills from our Ugandan film-making adventure

Coming soon to a church near you… Jamaa… a film we’ve made for the Christian relief organization, World Vision.

Faith and Film: An Oxymoron?

Found a great interview online between Adam Holz and my friend Barbara Nicolosi, talented screenwriter and founder and former executive director of the Act One Program: Writing for Hollywood — on whose faculty I have served for more than a decade. I have strong feelings about this topic, as you may have gathered from previous posts. But I could not have answered these questions any better than Barbara — so I repurpose it here for your benefit.

A eulogy for my Dad – Bob Bird, “The Music Man”

The last time I checked, the mortality rate in America is… 100 percent. And we’re all headed for the hospital, Lord-willing later rather than sooner. And that was something Dad knew well, both personally in his own physical struggles, and on behalf of those he served. Providing comfort and care, a listening ear, and shoulders to cry on was work that brought him deep joy, standing alongside people and their loved ones at the most vulnerable time of their lives.