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As a 25-year veteran of the Hollywood film and television business, my mission as a writer, producer and creative media professional is to illuminate the power of great ideas through the medium of Story – whether the message is destined for the big screen, a multi-platform media campaign or an online digital strategy.

On select projects, Brian is available as a creative consultant for corporate, non-profit or  ministry marketing and branding content managers who care about:

Creative that awakens the imagination

Messages that stir up cravings in an audience always originate with themes of nobility, courage, sacrifice, forgiveness, resurrection and redemption.  No matter what your content, format or branding goals, the of art Story is critical to making it identifiable and memorable

Content with drama and humor

Breaking through the cultural noise of a million messages targeted at individual consumers every year requires attention to the dramatic and humorous emotional chords that run through the human condition.  Drama and humor break the ice, diffuse tension, heal the soul, and most importantly… communicate values.

Messages that lead to action

Provoking a call to action in an audience has been a hallmark of winning media in the modern age, from Hollywood and Madison Avenue.  Effective branding or content strategies that do not distract from core branding values or confuse the mission require persuasive messages that move consumers to physical, measureable action.

Recent Clients

My recent media consulting client list includes: World Vision, The Readers Digest Association, Saddleback Church,, Y-God,, Motive Marketing and Entertainment, Act One: Writing for Hollywood, the Media Task Force of Biola University, the Visual Storytelling Network, and the 168 Film Project.

For more information, you can contact him at:

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